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The Face-Off: Tensions Boil Over - yo, this is my world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Face-Off: Tensions Boil Over [Jun. 5th, 2007|02:49 am]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |"Crazy on You" Heart]

So I had like the boldest confrontation with one of the head clerks at my store today, the kind that proves that I have balls and know how to use 'em. I'm still shaken up about how I spoke my mind and defended myself, but even though I'm tough and sometimes callous...I'm not used to myself really expressing myself! Background: we got this new head clerk RaShawn from a store in Denver about 4 months ago. I thought King Soopers doesn't transfer its problems, but I guess I was mistaken. That's probably why he ended up at my store. I could go on and on, but basically he is lazy, unmotivated, takes no initiative to get ANYTHING done, and pretty much plunks himself in one spot and simply watches the front. Doesn't help, doesn't actively participate in working...just watches and slacks. Well I have really observed this when working evenings with him. Bags don't get filled, no cleaning takes place, nothing productive gets accomplished. On Friday I had to clear the parking lot of carts because he failed to get it done. I mean this guy is a loser of a manager. He chats way too much with certain employees and I feel is making more of friends with some of them rather than requiring them to work. I could go on and on. Well I've finally had it. Our last head clerk, Greg, got demoted because of the same actions and now we've got a repeat Greg! Well I finally have reported it to the store management, talked to the assistant, and also our servive manager. Now mind you, this head clerk is a big black guy, ex-Marine, very large build...this isn't a man to mess with. But I can only tolerate so much...if this man is a fellow MANAGER, he needed to act like it! But he hasn't and I am not going to coach or direct my equivalent, especially if that person is a MANAGER...note the word there! If I wasn't so tired, I'd explain all this in more detail. Well he came up to me and asked me about Friday night and if he did anything wrong (the night I really got angry and had to clear the lot at 1:20am when I was ready to go home!). Now I could have said I didn't know anything and ducked out of it, letting the store manager talk the responsibility of pointing out his mistakes. But fuck that! So I told him EVERYTHING...he doesn't get anything done, doesn't keep people productive, talks too much, sits like a statue and doesn't do anything, and slacks. Yes I directly stated that he is a slacker. I didn't mince my words. The basic complaint I (and every other head clerk) have is that he doesn't do ANYTHING. Any manager, regardless of what you supervise, must be productive and keep his/her subordinates productive as well! Well, to respond to my criticisms, he picked up on my attitude and said I didn't need to have one. I told him I was holding back...that this WASN'T attitude and that I've held it in for so long. Then the dude proceeds to tell me that he didn't know and that this is a different store. So basically, he must have been really lazy and the store let him get away with it because what he was telling me is that keeping productive is an alien concept to him!!!!!! Bullshit, that's what it was. I let him know that too. And he was going on about how I should have told him and I shouldn't have told my store manager and that I should have been a man about it and came up to him. I promptly let him know that I wasn't going to and shouldn't have to coach my equivalent. This discussion took place on the front end (it really should have been in private, but it came up right then and there and it just happened. Furthermore, no way in hell was I gonna be alone with this man!!). It ended with Sue (another head clerk) asking us to take it elsewhere. It wasn't an argument...we kept it mum, but she could head RaShawn. But we were done anyways...I certainly wasn't getting anywhere and he wasn't convincing me either that his laziness meant that he didn't know his job or any other excuse. The guy is a laze and there's nothing that will convince me otherwise...no lame excuses he was coming up with would convince me otherwise. So that was it. But guys, I was so anxious afterward...I mean, I stood up to someone about a serious issue. I took the bull by the horns, faced my anger, let it out, and it felt great!!! Triumphant is how I felt, even though I was anxious because I never would have thought I could do it. But finally I know I am a strong man to stand up to an intimidating thing/idea/man/foe, look it/him/her in the eye and really express the TRUTH. I later told my store manager what happened and he is glad I handled it. Of course it is certainly not over between him and store management...but what happens after is between them. I guess I really am one of the bulls of that front end to take charge of a problem and turn it to my advantage...maybe reverse it toward a solution. Possibly I have gained some respect...that would be nice. But my greatest reward is an increased sense of self-respect. Doing the right thing and standing up for us as a collective management team...but also standing up for myself instead of semi-delegating a problem to someone else. Of course it will be weird working with him...but I know I'm right and that's all that matters. Well I had to get that out...now I need to get to bed.

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2008-05-22 05:26 am (UTC)
That would be amazing.
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