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Contemplating Entrance Into Politics - yo, this is my world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Contemplating Entrance Into Politics [Mar. 30th, 2011|01:45 am]
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I'm back...you probably thought that I wouldn't post again for, say, another 4 years?! Well I meant what I said that I'm going to write in here often. I could write all about my day at work, but it was the same routine of doing the same old thing I always do. So why bother...nothing super-interesting happened anyway.

How about another bombshell dropped on you...well here goes. I have given serious thought to running for local political office as a Conservative Republican. It's not like I'm about to file my papers soon because I'm nowhere near prepared for that step. I am only in the preliminary stages of mere thought toward the possibility. I don't think that I've ever mentioned anything about politics in my journal ever...but this is one part of me that has majorly changed. Brief history...I have always affiliated as a Republican, but never cared about politics or current events. It just didn't affect me: I worked, went to school, led a productive life, so they just weren't important to me. However, this changed around 2007 when I discovered that Barack Obama was running for U.S. President. Despite my ignorance of politics at the time, I was puzzled how someone who really didn't achieve significant political gains while he was in the Senate could just run for President out of nowhere. Thus I started listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show while I commuted for work each day. I vaguely knew who Rush Limbaugh was, I knew that he did Conservative talk and I knew that my (weak) views would agree with his. Well I didn't realize how right my intuition was. My views agreed with his...big time. Plus I was shocked how little the press was REALLY covering this man with such a shady, questionable past. I was angered how McCain didn't hammer away at Obama based on his Socialist views and his affiliations with the 'God Damn America' Pastor Jeremiah Wright and that wretched Weather Underground Bomber Bill Ayers. Honestly I couldn't believe that politics had so much human drama...and ultimately I found myself excited to be a spectator. I began to understand the stark differences which characterize a Republican from a Democrat. From this, I knew that I was a Republican to the core. I branched out to find other sources...Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann (who I found repulsive, disgusting, and anti-American). I learned more and more about the political scene and soon fell in love with understanding all I could about the issues! In fact, talk radio largely replaced my CDs and music stations as my car entertainment. I now knew why my mother listened to all the talk radio she did...it affected us so directly! I understood that America stood at a crossroads...we could elect a man who wasn't Conservative to the core, but would certainly do us less harm than electing a Socialist who wanted to implement national healthcare and distribute MY money to others. I couldn't be ignorant any longer to politics...honestly largely due to the sheer drama occurring!

I can't state all this without crediting the one national radio host who has educated me the most, whose opinion I gravitate toward and whom I listen to faithfully since around early 2009: Mark Levin. One Saturday night, I was leaving my friend XYZ's house: it was late and I had fun, but I wanted to hear a talk show, any talk show. So I turned to our local AM station 710 KNUS: it was like 11p or 12am. There was this guy on the radio who sounded kind of nasally and pretty pissed off! Well I wanted to know what this person was saying before I flipped the station...lo and behold, he was ranting against Obama! This got my attention, so I kept tuned. Pretty soon, I got his name: Mark Levin. Man this guy did not like Obama...he was ranting against him and the government and the lack of border control (I was absolutely loving this...this nasally-sounding older guy's opinions were 100% mine!). And to top it off, he played Linkin Park music on his program. Well I got hooked. Now as I found out quickly, Mark Levin doesn't just spout off opinions: he takes a Constitutional approach. He educates the audience about the Federalist Papers, history, Supreme Court cases, and etc. In listening to his opinions and education, I learned even more about the political scene. Also, I have gained so much education that I use when debating people with different opinions. Above all, I have learned that I am a solid Conservative Republican. I stand proudly with the Tea Party. This is not a paid advertisement for Mark Levin...this is only explaining that much of the credit for my knowledge and love of politics is attributed to him. So if you want to know my views, listen to Mark. And Mark, if you read this, you have made a huge difference to one 20-something young man.

So there is my history explaining how I've come to this point...how I've come to contemplation of running for political office. I feel I can make a difference. I have strong opinions about issues. I want to create change rather than watch change just enacted by others. I'm thinking about local office, but really focused more on the School Board. My first mission is to define who I am and where I stand on issues. So partly I'm going to use my journal for that purpose. I'm going to state an issue and then spell out my opinions on that issue. This will help not only me to be clear on where I stand, but you may agree or disagree and then debate me. (Not that anyone will be reading this, but in the near future, who knows) I have to educate myself on local issues, but also keep abreast on national issues. Who knows...maybe I might make it to mayor, Representative, Senator??? I love politics. I love being an American-loving, Tea-Partying Conservative Republican. You ask how I can run as a Conservative when I'm gay...well my orientation certainly won't be on the ballot, so why does that matter? I'm for less government intrusion, lower taxes, and more independence for all Americans...the only party that can carry that platform is the Republican party, thus I affiliate with them. I'm well aware that I am a 'minority within a minority,' but I'm not going to let that stop me. In fact, it spurs me to put myself out there so people can question me, know who I am, become encouraged, or maybe become disgusted if they so choose. But when they understand that I'm a gun-rights advocating, military supporting, unapologetic American-loving freedom fighter and that I'm for THEM, I don't think who I'm attracted to for a lover will make much difference. It's time to get myself geared up, to make this goal happen, and to make a difference. I'll be writing in here about what I'm doing to get myself there as well as other issues. Maybe someday I will look back at this entry in awe; I'll be able to tell myself "I did it.' Wouldn't that be amazing?

From: garoduty
2011-04-10 12:41 pm (UTC)
Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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