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Let's Make a Deal - yo, this is my world [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Let's Make a Deal [Jan. 29th, 2013|02:16 pm]
Hello hello journal! I am thoroughly enjoying my time off and staying productive (mostly) getting chores done (and not spending tons of money!!). I am completing my taxes, I got 2 hiking books that I'm going to use when I do more exploring over the spring and summer, and just doing general chores I've been putting off. But most of all, I'm at home and not at work which is the best thing!!!! The biggest task that I've completed is writing to Metro College to make them a debt settlement deal. So over the summer I enrolled in a meteorology class, but then had to drop it because my financial situation collapsed and taking student loan debt was not an option. But I dropped it after the full refund deadline passed, so I got stuck with a bill of $1273.10. Well I cannot pay it, I just can't and I was just gonna let it hit my credit unpaid. But that wouldn't be right, plus I don't want it on my credit, so I wrote a letter agreeing to pay $600 if it will clear the debt completely. I reminded them that something is better than nothing, but moreover I was completely honest about my situation. I certainly hope that the deal is approved. No I don't want to fork over $600 for a service I never used!!! But that is better than it denting my credit. But if they don't take the offer, than yes, I'm just going to let it go unpaid. It will hit my credit and stay there for 7 years, but quite simply, I am still in the infancy of living within my means, I don't have substantial savings, and I just simply cannot pay that sum. I don't like saying, in essence, I can't pay you all I owe but I can pay half...it's not the right thing to do. And frankly my parents paid my debts, which isn't moral either (No I did not ask them to pay them all and I wish they hadn't, but it still happened. One day they will be paid back the $27,000 that they paid in my name). But it happened and I can't take it back. Nor can I change my financial situation. So if they don't (wisely) take the offer and it goes to collections and against my credit, then so be it. I don't like how potential companies may find this out, nor may it affect the interest rates I could get on a car, but I can't really control it. My mission now is to keep my credit intact, open 1 or two credit cards to improve my debt to credit ratio, and charge one or two items and pay them back promptly to keep my credit as high as it can go. I know how to fix credit and how finances work, hell I watch the Suze Orman show every single Saturday on CNBC. (And I really enjoy finances and accounting) So I hope that this last debt relic is cleared because then all of my past debt will be done and I really can move on to the future. Anyhow that's pretty much it. I don't think I talked about Adam inviting me out to Beer Bust on Sunday at this bar called the Wrangler, well he did but I am not a bar person and I didn't want to drink (really can't afford it anyways), so I didn't go. I kind of regretted it in a slight way, sliiiight, because I wanted to see him. But the bar is not my scene. You know, I dig having a nice, intellectual, meaningful conversation with someone, but that's not to be found in the bar scene. Oh well, maybe I will see him this week, I hope I do. Me and Justin are going out to dinner tonight which is nice...I love going out on dates with him! And later this week we may go to Blackhawk, which I need to research and plan. Okay, I need to go to my mom's so she can make sure my taxes are correct, so I'm gonna do that now. Michael

[User Picture]From: greenfire
2013-03-21 01:39 pm (UTC)
For whatever reason, I am just now seeing these entries, but just wanted to say hey and glad to see you back :)
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